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WiiWare Guide

Big Kahuna Party represents Reflexive's first entry into the exciting world of WiiWare, Nintendo's downloadable game service for the Wii game console. The guide below should help you get started:

Connect your Wii to the internet.

In the Wii menu, select and start the Wii Shop Channel.

Press the 'Start Shopping' Button.

Your available Wii points are displayed at the bottom of the main Wii Shop Channel screen. If you do not have sufficient points then press 'Add Wii Points' and follow the instructions.

After returning to the main shopping screen, press the 'WiiWare' button.

Select 'Search by Publisher' and then 'Reflexive Entertainment'.

Choose 'Big Kahuna Party' and select 'Download'.

After downloading, the game will be ready to play as one of the channels in the Wii menu.

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